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girls sexuality

pragmatic experience handwriting is takingher from new york where he has been uh... afdelhi in france shells kicking ass on msnbc tank out you did some really great politicalstories on msnbc today so why don't you share a couple those today at one twenty right i guess is so serious that we coveredi'll let you know and i guess i'm glad that

girls sexuality, we can go job it was a bit only once and by the way up on my side on a show isover for now uh... as a schedule schedule so you cannot stop watch yaha plenty wantedexcretion or

and of course he goes back on monday today come back to l_a_ on monday and and i'll bein the studio i have my statements earlier today is a storythat all of these right wing clowns who were invented and now there are conspiracy theory hello this this is the is that a lot to secretly

and near america chisholm label it as a media okay anyplace in the way he had a series america somewhere that on when it when you talk with their you just gillooly carefully the anyhow unbelievablystupid tv i really don't believe that some time tell me why they came up with this conspiracytheory what is the background of this he hears a deal right

i had a quick two things together first ofall uh... president obama uh... had us all unitednations declaration on the rights of indigenous indigenouspeople and it was adopted in two thousand mile unitednations bush refused to sign a disease like for indigenous people dates of all you know i don't know it's non-bindingit doesn't the really love it data says

indigenous people rock degraded fills out a bright blatant uh...c_n_n_ uh... apparently two years ago he was declared in on it he was here in our recess for the croat tried uh... india's okay so the concerns like he signed is truly actions yes correctly

we will use the denials of also the its authority to issuethat's going on with this car play they did not believe in the upgrades but i mean you quotes so we start with uh... uh... bright picturehe said alonso director o issues analysis in becauseof this issue he's a good question to serve the american family association he says president obama wants you to entire land massof the united states of america

back to the indians he wants to be tries to be on caloric someone perhaps you can use that asan adopted crow indian he'll be the new chief over this revived indian empire used a plastic that you hell in a i don't want jobs being shipped away to othercountries and they're worried about old bomb

a giving the united states to native americans well one talking about p ka a killer bees to so many ways as one allowsfor a leader of the country so why would any crazy in the susie to be done leader of the country right at central park can't even imagine

in the says fantasy laa bioassays radio address that is our disgusting that the uh... we're getting mine too new mexico back and choir behavioral ecology is presentlybut i do city this is yes montenegro digitizer unbelievable

i'd more daily which is one of the other serverweb sites pick up on the sale of it and dealing with this they said overall ibegin my hand back to native americans president believes michigan system sovereignty the quality is an article president or bombers voicing support for u_n_resolution that can accomplish something as well as relinquishing some u_s_ sovereigntyopening a path for the return of engine tribal lands americanindians

including even parts of men or you know one i'm almost embarrassed thatwe're talking about them these people are not jobs or go on and theyare coming up with these crazy conspiracy theories in the absolutely no sense of ofgiving them attention so i'm a little of this error even mentioning them you know i hear you disagree point the problem is

bills and it's crazy to your calls from thecountry and then is huge much percentage of republicans began to believeit and then bad nonverbal elements on our hearts so i believe it is crazy theory that eight more sold in twothousand election for a while a majority of your colleagues believe thatin new york katharine these constantly anything well i think i think a global his are gonnabelieve what they want to believe regardless

of what we say i mean i don't think the republicansare all we gonna watch the young turks are msnbc insane made that take you heard thathe says that obama is not a native american or is not the muslim we should believe andthey're gonna believe what they want to believe if they wanna come off is not jobs as a weaponcome off is not jobs but i hear you but his subjects they watch muddies clips of the nato here you know what medium of pop in eighty eight proof bloody so hot or cold really lives as they go on collier the arielwas a well known about this a preview

this receipt and you know that you're going to cover upin the soyuz paid for odd how sacked your life ins when you arethis consumed with crazy conspiracy theories like you're hidingunder your bed and you're worried about obama selling your lands native americans how patheticis your life i think it's the bank i think it's at uh... no i think it rocks soccer starts wasn'tlives dessert what's going on now at

criminal is a story haley barbour as fascinating week i've decided to give in indebted cessation of sentence to to african-american women in prison inthe city on our religious and tribal for supporting uh... the citizens council which is like a a milder version if they could be a milderversion of the ku klux klan and dayton hadronic and it was a pharmacy and he said

all money like that they went out and the civil rights era everythingwas fine and its allies there was not that which areall course incredibly outrageous comments and building this wonderful coincidence hehas a release these two african-american women and then the presidential a_c_p_ banjos disk that haley barbour accord actully example political issues of how clients also

so his plan completely work phrases like he does the leader of the so at the very police mergers racial assault to get his right wing baseand because he's planning on running for president hazard soto local races you're on my side and he goes out to then double a_c_p_ or othersin this little you tell everybody that only shining exampleof awesomeness

and i will release is one of her breast so it's a dance troupe that's how i down behind thescenes that we don't know if there was really a quid pro quo but if this were diseases this really is onehostage deserves a yes hollywood thank you by jamie last supper sisters when they wereteenagers they are ambush jet two men in central mississippi

and soul eleven dollars from them allow delia sent uh... bl life sentences melody is more you know how the circumstances it was about properly

they had a shotgun and a and the any eachon a weekly shot and eating our company it was a wall somewhere cattle avendano is a very serious archaic soften up afterdark like that life sentences they were teenagers it seems a bit much frame uh... violate haley barbour quote one moreor condition i am uh... police uh... once the sisters class at amongst your kidney

kate james that's interesting jayegi aaj executed you'd be able to liveat she's out there already many societies and everyone at age eighteen was cost to see in this city two hundred thousand dollars each so that the other colleges are o xoxo it's many israelis savor the chorus

to see u which was issued for that we have a review and that you have any robles goodluck yaari right which is gonna be extremely difficultespecially considering the economy and considering the fact that they've been in jail for howeverlong it's almost imponderable catholic churchescompanies can't wait to give them pictures ali absolutely because that's the actually augury happensyou know prodigy the revisited those there

uh... ted let me ask you a question uh... there how many people that know robbery for elevendollars positive i am dot that's what this is the point thati think both was as we are thank you mention uh... presented was kind of passover by by themselves in example how about the whole the the the injusticeof the sins in the first place which of course is that as a civil rights case to work outragedabout at the time

but i just sort of like sixteen years in prison they didn't get the uh... apply just uh...i'm not gonna but pardon for being a part of the crime thelet these guys into the crime were other congresses did the actual action of didn't have the buswho does all that stuff is to know what i still think that i mean duty to go to haley barbour spartan and in releasing them with the kidney parlaythat with the story see mike just how ballistic over the fact that it was ridiculous in thefirst place innocent dissident talk about the friday before but you know who cares probably

you know lucia i hear you those are all greatpoints in my life she also clarify and i'm delighted dated him leadership thirty six a thirty eight now they'vebeen sitting in prison as you said for sixteen years of the water tease him just young when they get prettywere about twenty twenty two years old jeff that's why people that do you have tochoose from a long time and so what happens now to see if i was likewell great i kill two birds with one stone before i was in releasing them but now youget rid of some money out of the present system because right rear anymore employ our societyadding a voice to be president

call me and shining example when i just got a massive biracial trouble so borrowed says smart political move but as you point outincredibly craven uh... political maneuver all right dallas yellow you one last story here and then thatwill wrap it up for my ad section here on

it seems to harbor he's also the new stuffbecause of the war between sap galen and michelle obama i set up a lot of show talk about uh... eateating smores and she said to treat was quote it clearly shown on on saturday we should not have dessert now of course the show almost two billioneight ybc campaign she never said you can answer obviously sacrilegiousmade out outlets are donated another shot at her and saying that she is higher than any state

out where they're watching media server obviously chris here is people haley barbour or mike huckabee have stepped in to defendmichelle obama and say hey listen by calling me a lot of tremendous highway back then he you know you see a much larger and he without and he'll be skipping

enormous was while he was governor any saying criticism compulsory that we have serious problems with a b c throughoutthe country and she's trying to get better police forceyou delay uh... you know that sounds so reasonable andshot her opponents edible of the disease already done that i his own state almost same exact thing armor asset low also fast i understand howhard as i appreciate you campaign one of our efforts

no idyllic i'm not surprised at all that they'resticking up for michelle obama if they were so it's just a copper sera pale and they wouldlook like absolute crowns and i think they're happy they're aware of that uh... thing syrupy elaine at this point and being is apunching bag by both democrats and republicans idon't think that there's a single republicanother than individuals that are in the tea party that takes a repeal in seriously pretty much a jock well i hear ya

i had written a story in political about how absolutely bankers who are funny hope areyou don't like sakhalin because there were needed they can really predict which is good newsshe so crazy they're not entirely sure that when they buyher she stays fought what you're going to be fascinating mate but but there are some people back her that'swhy she still relevant majesty brandy said she has well to the people on her side on this issue

you say you have to be crazy the other sideso obviously on our side are rush limbaugh climbed back and shall not be and they're all saying savingrock-and-roll played by michelle obama lists of her opinionsof the year allied i'm sorry i am live off their party the has another attackby the government teeing off al and seriously idle that oblivious to the numbers of people whoare obese in the united states it's like michelle obama right now is tryingto something about though the city epidemic

something that's killing thousands of americans every year and sheif they're just completely ignoring that as if it's not a big deal saying that alarmistand on-site michelle's trying to take it over everything trying to be in any state we just pisses meoff and westlaw glenn beck michelle malcolm knocking they'reall clams these are all people that i don't even care about the i'm completely dismissinganything that they have to say so if people like that are supporting sapa linpin that proves my point she's a nut

job even republicans don't want associate withher limbaugh antenna shopping you don't know undone uh... with amaya short stories theday alice a quick break let's come back and ask what stories and weasel out of the useof the year all right we'll take a break i think you might can't attach there and howmccain cuba

all right let's get something fun stories so miami croatian tonight just that come in for saying it's a i love that song so i suggest he's playingthem i'll get up style and modify validate carmine cabell asone of our sponsors huh does the it's a really good mom new wrestling do brat breakout and dance moves when youlisten to it

daschle's much it whatever it is in this case the my views onmy phone retonavir pieces misaligned headline there's a lot about and there is a good signand love that song annual known and completely unused by r_u_ techno entrance and house here is overthere i completely ignoring the fact that that typeof music is infiltrating in the mainstream music what now now or

evolves and everybody likes this this websitewhich is completely techno week this is for something you'd hear terrain to was rewritten now what now and i i was running in and half-hearted occupy now arts are smart alan um... assault

uh... amy indiana known as la fayette is outraged because of a particular type ofsnow sculpture that is being created in one of their neighbors' homes so we're local news report on this idol ofthe local news report i want you guys to pay attention to the type of people who are outragedby the snow sculptures and then we'll doolittle commentary on it uh... brown or you know

while uh... and that's not the video but will get it for youguys injustice that can alright out while dave gets up for us uh... so this this town is extremely small they onlyhave a couple thousand people living there and um... of apparently you saw the videotape was you know this kitchen you can choose a walkway

odd as you know once you gave you a d_c_-ten at not getting out of all i blurt out thebs filters advised that the heat see it but that the mhm go either put i'll i'll be great harm behind and thesculptures so aren't what they are there any unit paul that we've seen the smoke a lot of peopleliving in jordan the outdoors but you might

want to reconsider what your bill honest youknow it media buyer within the law it has been leakinghere and we have more now on the controversy als culture that has the neighborhoods thataaron in asia neighbors along north seventh streetin lafayette status cultures uh... male genitals were discussing thus cultureshave been torn down to the controversial issues still serves as a reminder at all since culturesdo violate state law and occasionally happens stopped paying eachnight shalini occasions schindler pain writer tellsus what he and other kids in the neighborhood along with seven street in lafayette sol wednesdaymorning was upsetting

to snow sculptures initiate male genitalswere on display at their neighbors house handshaking please stop didn't stack seventeen this cultures creators declined to commentbut still had fun you show us either adhere and i like indian like right now you knowthat it has been is is nodding people should be happening very irresponsiblejim robinson says her neighbors begin building this cultures tuesday night

but she didn't notice what they actually wereof the wednesday morning she's more upset with a lot yet police responded show that lacked you have a lot poppy agree sergeant gary misses the callwas not handled properly by responding officer his concern enormously so we talked about in the news restrictionon was more than this surgeon in the sense that the snow sculptureis in violation of a state statute

and at the home owner of the resources the rest of them and as as this offer is valid or the statestatute category uh... obscene matter under that who is a listingfor statues or other figures the homeowners faces no charges since this cultures weretorn down but it was uh... such as display is still unacceptable in the community intermediationalright anderson valujet i'm sorry sir but you could be activity andlegal trouble for that job he's held for you have on your lawn

at a black it out of the cc enormous in thatthe yeah there's no one really wants to work on is going to go they looked really big at the funny thingabout that is i really want a simple sculptures look likesome thinking there has to be someplace on the internet were someone took a picture inuploading it so i was searching for pena snow sculpture bad idea and came across that i think theydidn't want to see no kato one big in that video and online how the people who prayed and that'snot sculpture

when the media want to talk to them i lovehobbies like randomly put the media uh... the people who made the sculpture didn'ttalk to the media but they still had a a lot to say victims i'll upload news reports okay do you do that certainly we celebrate thisculture earlier there won't be suppose nine it's a terrible idea of research

tried look that the other thing is the locals dot com dear two-year-old has been doing idea whatit is unto you handed over touch-and-go values to articulate well uh... but what yet and i know that you can my favorite part of that video was when um...the young boy was like talking the beginning

and then he seems so distraught means like truly disrespectful to the kids in you know i don't really didn't like it mademe feel uncomfortable and you know that he's parent like pull towards the side and saidyet on the media that is did notice that until the parents pointed out so conquered lugar whom here is the people who recognizess hawkers in the first place all the kids network year was their reaction he

cocaine has deeply offensive and prided for wes all those in the neighborhood mickey's community okay no closer ties with popular dat tapeit was probably learn it sell when the kids for side their first reactionwas and it the mad man sample when you say it's back nicely throughout and i thought i was a browneyes up

now and another thing that i love always ginarobinson the woman who questions fifteen years old and have two kids and she's talking about how how much penismade her a comfortable combat buchanan is before political are anyway alright uh... spend the next starring uh... until high school softball coaches areuh... facing accusations that they were harassing a lesbian student uh... it's allege that day went to the lesbian student's mom

and revealed the girls sexuality and they also kicked off the softball teamso we have another video about this story and what you guys to check it out and outwill show commentary on it a kilgore high schools softball player saysshe was outed by her coaches to her own mother now her mother is suing those coaches andthe school district the texas civil rights project file civilsuit in federal court on the family that happened monday

tonight both mother and daughter telltaletomy sevens lemons and why they're now seeking damages that had softball coach and assistant coachthe assistant athletic director and the school district are all day in the lawsuit claiming they allviolated now seventeen-year-olds skylights constitutional rights to privacy softeningon pattern program we spoke with five provides relationis that the other media levels that's a little more what i have seen we're told sky camehere to the far ballfield back in march of two thousand nine to meet with our other teammates

the coaches came in and dismissed the restof the team will often goes on to say the coaches led her to the in the locker roomnearby lock the door behind them and historical wrapping her threatening her questioning her about an alleged sexual relationshipwith her and another thing that student hits they had gone out of hand there was no one there for her sky and otherparts of that the time she was unaware her daughter was seen another girl but barbara says she was more upset at the way the situation was handled whereare my contract you have a hard world in on

on the carpet according to the lawsuit barbara filed three different complaints withthe district it claims the coaches continued out skiesother students an employee's so barbara out of office weaker the it they recorded here can't commit suicide over it and if we don't want to continue with ourchildren

to decide today she said we got to do somechanging to keep what happened to them from happening to any other student later livingston gail sheehy said all right so i'd feel like they do storieslike this all the time you know school administrators are teachers were either discriminating againsta student's other harassing gay students you know you want to talk about nanny state a look at these high schools where you haveadministrators all up in the students business stoner business it's not of god damn businesswhat this girl sexuality is

your guard down softball coach so it's are you hearing stuff like this andreally irritates me my theory olive skin is that they are coaches are curry waiters i think the lives of the design ho alone and gossipy and a good way to tell other teachersthey couldn't wait to tell everybody by how do you know that somebody going the only evidence

story that early on in all this fallout rejected that they have reached drives me crazy right uh... now any air adding her name he twentydifferent ways is is wrong again only slight issue i have is that the moms also made today out of her to her parents right apparently she's fine with it so that part these last few minutes

well now i complain sympathize with the mothershe's upset at the way the two co-chairs put her into a locker room and they startedquestioning her interrogating her about her sexuality i would be irate if someone do that'smy child that's unacceptable and they're also end of the mom is also upsetthat they're going around gossiping about it with other teachers then you know other students i would be upset about that as well and youknow act sign it or leave you with and by the way if i were pants i would

fluid on teachers admittedly i go back to your conference whateverlies in being over this issue are circling around their sex life as a partisan who would you say yes but man the girl boy who of you did see toit et cetera got those very important not to figures might argue to you whose alaska ever really sought not mean that that i think that's a good wayto handle it and i'd love to see their reaction

to it but i'm i'd argue would be the outreach of course they would be outragedand you know what's interesting about this story we don't know if this is one hundredpercent sure this is what the girls mothers alleging she says that the first thing they did isthey went to police and when police went to the school to investigate the situation they found out what happened and they allegedlylaughed about it and left so on at first they wanted to oppress charges

on the coaches and now they're on basicallyholding that entire school and accountable the administrators in everything for not doingsomething about the situation which i think i i think it she should do i think this is crazy serious can be treated like this j i'd feellike it if this keeps happening again and again allthroughout the country and for some reason administrators think theycan do it and get away with it without silly no consequences

and we did that story about constant smcmillana million times during this year's uh... you know program cell i'd love that that parent is fightingback in another thing that love is that she was an outrage that her daughter sexualitybut i was a little worried about that you know she would find out their daughterslesbian and then it would cause a rift in their relationship but she seems to be okaywith it how final results or they say we've got uh...eddie's about as cops mario kart come out to be a sculptor like hooked into the that nato who has a historyof the first-floor scotia who's you know that's

awesome are enlisted one more story before we takea break and your our topic is the point so uh... kelsey grammer and camille grammarare divorcing okay the reason whether divorcing is because kelsey grammer had a show on broadwaywhile he was flying to new york uh... out of l_a_ he fell in love with the flight attendantout her name is kate walsh and now he plans on divorcing camille so hecan mary-kate nal during you know the divorce proceedingsact kelsey grammer agreed to give camille grammar thirty thousand dollars

they do not have a pre-nuptial agreement camino thirty million all when i say thirty thousand dollars magical you undesirable ahead or it doesn't go keratin catalysed aside thirty million dollars so commute camera look at that amount andlack shes like nina

fifty million dollars and sell now you know they're duking it outover this money and i think it ac of course the question of whether or not shedeserves the fifteen fifty million dollars is an interesting conversation to have butwhat i find even more interesting is a fact that he plans on marrying this womankate walsh he does not plan on getting a pre-nuptialagreement all swamped so many different ways story first uh... i'll i'll bet you fellow duringthe flight

big no no how what she uses no yes indeed says southside class uh... cyo i was told on the side of the divorce thirtymillion isn't enough dogs and somebody like who's married although there were twenty andi a deputy by the nato the light at the end of it twenty eight grade kids

he's only if you saw has been a little whilethey behaved exceed years pierced here you go to a close like he sheor he marry them policeman davis in the charlie it's brighton through the million dollars is not enough but crazy talk yeah i i agree with you onthat thirty million dollars is a rediculously high amount of money it's so much money idon't even know i'll if i would be able to spend thirty million dollars but you know i think the only thing that camillehas on our side is not thirteen years of marriage

i don't think is a joke i think that's a pretty uh... long-time especially in celebrity standardsand another thing to take into consideration is uh... camille married him when he had analcohol problem and she claims that she helped in uh... basically find sobriety ging cakeis alcohol addiction i don't know if you yeah i don't know if that's true that's what she'sclaiming sonya in it's true care k he because a lot of wife's help their husbands with alcohol

and some causes otherwise they don't get paidan extra twenty million dollars for right etc outlook x_-thirty has a long time hereyou had a celebrity users like ninety six years of marriage i hit that i'm doing a raunchy didn't know how long shewill get a gigantic enough all i'm saying is that i don't see the need for that an extra twentymillion dollars his neck nicci he lost the anyway because the commentsi have read over the next one so that i thought

screwy he he's he has a comment you know to a disaster and he says you know kelsey grammer also uh... major concern always leave jobless is awesome come on sunday recall somesaying darker charlotte were ken walsh will be his fourth wife so uh... that's a greatexample of his family values you know what the once

favorably as bad less money contributed by republicans

girls sexuality

art guys let's take a break when we come backin the park shell that we've all been waiting for the talks he whitey videos of twenty ten will be back after the break

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