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car rentals from sydney airport

things to watch out for when you rent a car just like the website the big thing is what level of damage you have to pay if something don't really want to wait till you're at the car rental desk to find that out. you wanna know when you're booking. most of our competitors have a $3,000 excess, ours is much much lower. for our top cover, it's only a little bit more to get a zero excess whereas most other companies are threefour five times that amount to get the equivalent cover. and that is our point of difference. the other thing is, i mean there's alot of extrasinvolve where you get to the counter and and there is a credit card surcharges, registration recovery fees. what's that? i don't know what that is. i have been working in the business for thirty and i still can't explain what it is. you gotta watch out for these little extras and we try and not to have these little extras. we try and go - ok online it says that's what you going to pay,

that's what you going to pay. other people they've got good quality cars but we've got great quality cars. you know the worse thing that we possibly want is someone to be stuck on the side of the road saying - my car's broken down and we just don't get that telephonecall. they've all got all the airbags, all the safety gears

car rentals from sydney airport
car rentals from sydney airport,all that stuff which we buy. ifyou book a corolla or tarago or a rav you get a corolla, a tarago or a rav. when we serve you at the counter, the car is just meters away and away we go and they walk pass when they walk in, they can see a line of corollas. one of them has got their name on it. and the big joke when they come in they go - oh! i'll have a white one, thanks!

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car rentals from sydney

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