Selasa, 17 Oktober 2017

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(what if) what ifwe run away? ♪ (what if) what ifwe left today? ♪ what if we saidgoodbye to safe ♪ and sound? ♪ (what if) what ifweâ¹re hard to find? ♪ (what if) what if welost our minds? ♪ what if we letthem fall behind? ♪ and theyâ¹re never found ♪ and when the lights startflashing like a photo booth ♪

♪ and the stars exploding,weâ¹ll be fireproof ♪ my youth, myyouth is yours ♪ tripping on skies,sipping waterfalls ♪ runaway nowand forevermore ♪ a truth so loudyou canâ¹t ignore ♪ my youth, myyouth, my youth ♪ my youth is yours ♪ ♪ (what if) what ifwe start to drive? ♪

(what if) what if weclose our eyes? ♪ (what if) weâ¹re speedingthrough red lights ♪ into paradise ♪ cause weâ¹ve no timefor getting old ♪ mortal body;timeless souls ♪

car rental sydney go

car rental sydney go,cross your fingers,here we go ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ and the stars exploding,weâ¹ll be fireproof ♪ ♪ my youth is yours ♪

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